I WANTED.  I WANTED SO BAD TO BE CURED THAT WHEN I HEARD ABOUT THE BEES Lydia & Kathleen drove me and Szabo all the way to Waldorf to get stung twice a week.  And then when the TV cameras came and the neighbors complained we went to Amber's in Bethesda, and then Louis and Marisa came, each week for a year, to do the stinging.  52 paintings.  54 bees.  25 stings a session, 50 stings a week, 50 weeks.  2,500 stings.  Venom and pain foamed in my limbs.  We were so sick and swollen at first we couldn't get all the stings at once.  Then we were pros.  Once we were stung the stinger stayed in for 15 minutes, pumping venom even though the bee was gone.  Some of the bees died instantly.  Others flew around for a while, under a death sentence.

Each voodoo bee carries the power of 50 stings.  50 stings, through me, to you.  I can't say what beeper the big one has, it's off the chart.